The following genealogy resources include general information as well as resources for Sapelo Island families researching their roots. If you have information that you think should be included, please contact us, and we'll be happy to consider your suggestions. Most articles are available through GALILEO.

Selected Articles
  • Archaeology in a Geechee Graveyard. Honerkamp, Nicholas; Crook, Ray. Southeastern Archaeology. Summer 2012, Vol. 31 Issue 1, p103-114. 12p. 
  • African Sounds in Gullah Geechee and on Middle CaicosKlein, T. B. (2011). Black Scholar, 41(1), 22-31.
  • An African Island in Georgia. Hendry, E. R. (2011). Smithsonian, 41(11), 22.
  • Gullah Geechee Culture: Respected, Understood and Striving: Sixty Years after Lorenzo Dow Turner's Masterpiece, Africanisms in the Gullah Dialect
    Campbell, E. S. (2011). Black Scholar, 41(1), 77-84.
  • Life-everlasting: Nature and Culture on Sapelo Island. Hussman, M. (2006). Southern Cultures, 12(1), 7-32.
  • Mother Tongues and Captive Identities: Celebrating and "Disappearing" the Gullah/Geechee Coast. Hamilton, K. (2012). Mississippi Quarterly, 65(1), 51-68. 
  • Property Rights and Possession in "Daughters of the Dust" Wright, N. E. (2008). Melus, 33(3), 11-25.
  • The relationship of the Gullah-speaking people of coastal South Carolina and Georgia to their African Ancestors. Pollitzer, W. S. (1993). Historical Methods, 26(2), 53.
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