Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Honoring the Best

Honorees Michele and Ben with Woody on the side
On the 25th of June 2016 these two ( Ben Hall & Michele Johnson) were honored for all that they have done for the Hog Hammock Public Library.  We as a family at the Hog Hammock Public Library will truly miss the love that was put into the duties of the two.  Michele as a librarian has brought this library beyond great. The hours that she has spent will not go unnoticed. I as a trainee under you will continue to do the best that I can to make this legacy live on. Last, but not least Mr. Ben. Your services at the library as the President will continue on through the works of Mrs. Tucker. We as a family once again will truly miss these two.
Board members and honorees

Sue and Mr. Ben

Mrs. Michele